About Chicory Botanicals

Chicory Botanicals

About Chicory Botanicals


Nikki Minor (they/them) is a practitioner of folk herbalism, zine maker, and creative force behind Chicory Botanicals (@chicoryzine), a Black-owned line of small batch herbal medicines and plant zines. 

Nikki was born and raised in Bulbancha (New Orleans, LA) and has been practicing herbalism since 2017. They have interned under herbalists at Rosalie Botanicals and studied bioregional herbalism through Maypop Herb Shop. Nikki is passionate about native plants, accessibility and decolonization in herbalism, folk medicine, and community based mutual aid.

Chicory Botanicals was started in 2018 with a mission to make affordable herbal medicines and raise money to donate to a local bail fund, the New Orleans Safety and Freedom Fund.

Every month Chicory Botanicals has donated 10% or more of its profits to various local and national mutual aid efforts with an emphasis on those that support and uplift the lives of QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color).

Read more here: https://chicorybotanicals.com/mutual-aid